Addresistanbul Dekorasyon Merkezi, Halide Edip Adivar Bulv. Ciftecevizlerderesi Str. N:4/1 34382 Sisli - Istanbul | P. +90 212 220 7600 / F. +90 212 220 7603 /

Since the day we established our brand, we have cooperated with leading design brands from around the world presenting their collections in our store and we became part of many creative and inspirational projects on the run.

We always gave utmost importance to the idea of living with design. We have generated an address where the very best and award winning products could easily be accessible not only to the professionals but also to wide group of people who appreciate quality and enjoy the taste of life.

We have started our way with 3 powerful brands and today we are reinterpreting the meaning of shopping coming up with genius decorative and visual ideas combining more than 20 decor and lifestyle brands in our stores.

Diseno continues to boost up an energetic lifestyle with contemporary edge bringing unique decorative and artistic objects, lighting, furniture, carpet, accessories besides offering enjoyable living style books with great visuals, fashion optiques with strong style statement and wisely designed many other products in stores.